In search of Don Quixote…and Sancho Panza

Tomorrow morning I’m off with my family for a badly needed vacation. We’re meeting up with Littler Trunk, my number two daughter, who has been studying Spanish in an immersion program in Segovia. We will be meeting her in Madrid and going on a few day trips before we head south to the Mediterranean coast for several days.
I hope Prime Minister Aznar has the Basque situation under control for the next few weeks. I also hope, one way or another, to walk in the footsteps of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza while rereading the book. Below is one of Hogarth’s six rejected illustrations for an eighteenth century translation of Don Quixote. The illustration shows Don Quixote being tended to at the inn after one of his less successful encounters.
In my absence I have asked Rocket Man to post my four-part discussion of Richard Evans’ incredibly interesting book Lying About Hitler: History, Holocaust, and the David Irving Trial. See you in a couple weeks.


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