Trunk, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

are not hard to find in Spain. We’ve encountered both, although more of Sancho. Appropriately enough, “he” seems especially prevalent among tour guides. For example, I remember a guide at the great Seville cathedral who gave us the official line (largest cathedral in the world; this painting is by Murillo, etc) and then proceeded to debunk it point by point (there’s a larger one in Italy; Murillo probably didn’t paint this, etc).
Have a great vacation.
HINDROCKET PROTESTS: Geez, Deacon, I’ve never been to Spain, or even anywhere very close. I was on vacation last week, and where did I go? South Dakota. That’s OK, though, I have another week off next month, and I’ll be going all the way to northern Minnesota. Maybe I can find an internet cafe on the shores of Lake Vermilion and send you guys dispatches on the walleye fishing. Some PowerLiners have all the fun!


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