Arnold to Run?

John Fund has a nice piece in the Journal about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s possible run for Governor of California. Fund seems to assume that Arnold will be in the race, although his statement that Arnold’s “campaign advisers” “believe” he will enter the race is meaningless.
For what it’s worth, I hope he runs. Schwarzenegger is a man of extraordinary ability and, above all, determination. Like George W. Bush, he is goal-driven and is both relentless and logical (a surprisingly rare quality) in achieving his goals.
Arnold makes many conservatives nervous because he has absorbed a lot of Hollywood social liberalism and, while his instincts are clearly conservative, he is not committed to any particular program or ideology. There is indeed a risk that he could turn out to be California’s version of David Souter. But I don’t think that either California or the California Republican Party has much to lose.


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