Good news if true

The Washington Post reports that Secretary of State Colin Powell has “signaled to the White House” that he intends to step down if President Bush is re-elected. According to the Post, Powell has told associates that his decision is based on a commitment made to his wife, “rather than any dismay at the administration’s foreign policy.” The Post also reports that Powell’s deputy, Richard Armitage, will step down on January 21, 2005.
These reports are quite plausible. Less plausible is some of the Post’s speculation about who will replace Powell, Armitage, and CIA director Tenet. The Post suggests that Condi Rice and Paul Wolfowitz are the leading candidates for Secretary of State. It’s difficult for me to believe that Wolfowitz will be seriously considered. Even less plausible, is the Post’s suggestion that Newt Gingrich is a realistic possibility. It’s also not easy to credit the notion that Warren Rudman and Fred Thompson might succeed Tenet.


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