A Very, Very, Very Big House

The Washington Post reports on a television ad campaign that the Club for Growth has directed at Tom Daschle. The ads, which are running in South Dakota, depict Daschle’s $2 million house in Washington. The ad says: “This is Tom Daschle’s new $2 million house on Washington’s ritzy Foxhall Road. It’s a great place to entertain Hollywood liberals, politicians and lobbyists.” It also says that Daschle opposes cutting taxes for South Dakota families; that’s the part Daschle objects to.
Meanwhile, Daschle proves himself as bad a blogger as he is a Senator. Here is the beginning of his latest entry, from yesterday–a post devoted entirely to health care: “I visited the Orthopedic Institute in Sioux Falls today and was given an informative tour. Dr. Peter Looby and many of his colleagues were very generous with their time. It is a remarkable medical facility, and I enjoyed my time touring and learning from my visit and the answers provided to each of my questions.” It goes downhill from there. Amazingly enough.


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