Another BBC Outrage

The BBC is coming under intense public scrutiny as its role as a left-wing advocacy organization is more widely recognized. Here’s the latest: the BBC put one of its reporters up to applying for a job with the Greater Manchester police department so that he could search for evidence of “institutional racism.” The BBC reporter was hired by the Manchester police and underwent seven months of training. He had been on the job as a policeman for a month, during which time his efforts were devoted to surreptitiously filming his fellow police officers, trying to catch them in acts of “racism,” rather than enforcing the laws.
The BBC reporter was arrested yesterday for “using deception to obtain pecuniary advantage.” A Manchester police spokesman said: “[W]e deplore this tactic which would appear to be an outrageous waste of public funds used to train, equip and pay this individual. It has also deprived a genuine recruit of the opportunity to join the service.”
The fact that law enforcement was impaired is, of course, of no concern to the BBC. It is curious, however, that the reporter was drawing two salaries, one from the BBC and one (no doubt smaller) for ostensibly performing his duties as a policeman. The BBC now conveniently claims that they intended all along to return the man’s salary as a policeman to Manchester.
The BBC is utterly out control and now functions as a free-floating, taxpayer-funded advocacy group for the extreme left. It should be put out of business.


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