Baghdad and Jerusalem

One would think that the coincidence of the horrendous bombings yesterday in Baghdad and Jerusalem would be the occasion of some soul-searching on the different approaches that we advocate against the enemies that we — the United States and Israel, the foremost targets of Islamofascists — face in Iraq and Israel.
Yet the only one I can find this morning is the Jerusalem Post’s “Baghdad and Jerusalem.” At least the simultaneity of the bombings momentarily forestalled the State Department from emitting its usual Chamberlain bleats toward our bereaved friends in Israel.
In order to understand the magnitude of the tragedy the Israelis face today, please take a look at the gruesome linked photos collected by Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs.
As of this moment we don’t know the particular person or organization responsible for the bombing in Baghdad, but we do know the face of the man who committed yesterday’s murders in Jerusalem. Here it is, taken from his suicide video — an imam holding the Koran in his right hand and a machine gun in his left.
Would I be going out on a limb to suggest that the folks who perpetrated the Baghdad murders share the essential features of this particular face of evil?
David Bedein’s column for FrontPage spells out in painful detail how the current “road map” reprises the statesmanship that placed Arafat atop the terror enclave that he still rules and that still commits the kind of mayhem we saw yesterday in Baghdad and Jerusalem: “Road map to terror.”


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