Can you believe it?

Just as the Palestinian Authority was about to crack down on Hamas, the heavy-handed Israelis butted in. Ever since Oslo, for more than ten years, we’d been waiting for this moment. And it was only hours, no minutes, away. To add to the tragic irony, the guy the Israelis killed wasn’t even a militant. He was just a political guy, a Hamas moderate.
Well, we can forget about the crackdown on Hamas now. It was just minutes away, but now it won’t happen because the people are too riled up now. The Palestinian Authority can’t possibly crack down now, thanks to the Israelis, because they’d lose their credbility with the Palestinian people if they did.
So I guess the road map is kaput now, right? I mean it was contingent on Palestinian action to curb violence by Hamas, wasn’t it? And that’s not going to happen, although it was just about to, until the Israelis arrived.
It turns out that the road map’s directions were good. It was just the estimated time of arrival that was off.


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