The day the Beatles met Elvis

On this date in 1965 the Beatles called on Elvis at his Bel Air mansion while they were in town for two shows at the Hollywood Bowl. The meeting was preceded by high-level negotiations between Brian Epstein on behalf of the Beatles and Colonel Parker on behalf of Elvis. Even though Elvis was in the middle of his living Hollywood death — he was filming “Paradise, Hawaiian Style,” while his previously filmed movies released that year were “Girl Happy,” “Tickle Me,” and “Harum Scarum” — not surprisingly, the Colonel prevailed on the terms of the meeting.
HINDROCKET demurs: What, you didn’t like “Girl Happy”?
BIG TRUNK responds: The plot is passable: “Elvis and the Jordanaires hit the beaches of sunny Fort Lauderdale, ostensibly to ‘baby sit’ the beautiful, brainy daughter of their nightclub-owner boss in exchange for a booking. Naturally, a springtime romance blossoms between the King and his ward. One of the better Elvis comedies, enlivened by the presence of Presley’s favorite co-star, the talented Fabares, and by his only screen appearance in drag.” It’s the music that — how to put it? — sucks. “Songs include: ‘She’s Evil,’ ‘Wolf Call,’ ‘Good News,’ and ‘The Clam.'” (Plot summary and musical highlights courtesy of


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