“Send lawyers, guns and money”

Warren Zevon is dead at 56. He died yesterday in Los Angeles of an untreatable cancer that I believe was mesothelioma. The AP obituary says it was lung cancer and ascribes the disease to his smoking history, both of which I think are incorrect. Hey, what can you expect? They only had six months to get the facts straight.
Zevon was a fine songrwriter and performer who comported himself with great dignity after he announced his fatal illness. His new recording “The Wind” is an extended reflection on his impending death (including a knockout version of Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”) with many guest artists who came to pay their respects to Zevon through the music . RIP.
Above is the cover of the compact disc. Click here for the Washington Post’s take on “The Wind” from yesterday’s paper, written before Zevon died.
UPDATE: Here is a somewhat more accurate obituary available through Yahoo. The obituary implies a link between mesothelioma and cigarette smoking, but this is simply false.