Moby Dick

The Boston Globe reports that John Kerry will be performing on the guitar at a fundraiser tomorrow night. Techno music star Moby is the draw. Tickets for the gig, marketed to young professionals, range from $75 to $100.
The Globe notes that in 1996 Kerry was feted by a group of baby boom all-stars: Joe Walsh; Crosby, Stills and Nash; and Peter, Paul and Mary (who called the senator “our own magic dragon”). I’m not sure whether the transition from Crosby, Stills and Nash to Moby marks a shrinking in the senator’s base of support, the senator’s desire to appear hip at the age of 59, or the senator’s effort to broaden his base among the follicularly challenged. Perhaps all three. Below is a photo of Moby (dated yesterday) from the gentleman’s Web site. He calls the photo “Waiting For Aliens.”


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