Myers, Wolfowitz face Senate panel

Yesterday Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Paul Wolfowitz testified on Iraq before the Senate Armed Services Committee. The Washington Times reports.
Myers, who I think is an extremely impressive guy, said: “It is a battle of wills. The terrorists have said, and think, they are going to win. They are absolutely wrong about that. They will not win. They can’t win. We can’t let them win, and we won’t. We are going to win as long as we have the continuing will of the American people.”
Various Senators, from Kennedy to McCain, tried to scold the witnesses. But Myers’ simple formulation, which mirrors what President Bush said on Sunday, is a winning hand for the admnistration.
Wolfowitz quoted from a CIA report on the current condition of al Qaeda:
“Al Qaeda’s central leadership is reeling from the impact of the counterterrorist successes of the U.S. and our allies. The central leadership of al Qaeda is at growing risk of breaking apart as our blows against the group create a level of disarray and confusion throughout the organization that we have not seen since the collapse of the Taliban in late 2001.”


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