Remembering 9/11

Tomorrow is the second anniversary. Mainstream media will go through the motions of observing it while trying not to resurrect any images that might cause Americans to be angry. The conventional wisdom among liberals is, still, that the greatest danger of the Islamofascist attacks is that ignorant Americans might overreact to them.
It’s probably fair to describe us as warbloggers. We have many interests other than the war, and we talk about lots of them on this site. But the fact that our civilization and our children’s futures are under attack is what motivates us, more than anything, to stand up for the cause of freedom.
I’m sure I speak for Deacon and the Trunk in saying that we agree with Darryl Worley: if it were up to us, we’d show the images of airplanes colliding with office towers, people jumping out of windows, collapsing buildings and heroic firefighters every day. Americans were angry two years ago. We should be angry still.


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