The soul of man under socialism

Mark Steyn makes a few pointed observations in connection with the murder of Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh: “How can anyone be a bystander while someone is stabbed?”
Steyn notes: “There seem to have been an awful lot of bystanders to Miss Lindh’s stabbing – in broad daylight, in a crowded department store, after being pursued by her assailant up an escalator. Granted that many of the people bystanding around were women, it still seems odd – at least from my side of the Atlantic – that no one attempted to intervene or halt the blood-drenched killer as he calmly left the store. I’m inclined to agree with Jimmy Hoffa that I’d rather jump a gun than a knife – and even Jimmy’s luck ran out eventually – but, if just a handful of the dozens present had acted rather than bystanding, Miss Lindh might still be dead, but her killer would be in jail and not en route, like Olof Palme’s, to becoming yet another man that got away.” (Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)
HINDROCKET adds: News accounts of the murder have been oddly fragmentary. But a number of people watched the attacker chase Lindh up an escalator, and others were on the scene immediately afer she was stabbed. The assailant reportedly tossed his knife away and was unarmed after the stabbing, yet no one even attempted to confront him. And how about the terrific socialized medical care she received? No doubt we have some doctors among our readers; I’d be interested in any insight into whether it makes sense that she died after ten hours of surgery. Maybe I’m wrong, but wouldn’t American doctors save a stabbing victim who didn’t die of loss of blood before reaching the hospital?
Tabloids in Stockholm obtained video footage from the department store’s surveillance cameras and printed stills of a man said to be the murderer in yesterday’s papers. The only photos I could find on line have the man’s face blocked out. Here is one:
Police expressed dismay at the photos’ publication, but didn’t deny that they showed the suspect. You can’t tell for sure from this picture, but he doesn’t appear to be an Arab, which I suppose is what everyone is wondering.


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