Campaigns of the ACLU

Dorothy Rabinowitz has an astute column on the assault on John Ashcroft and the USA PATRIOT Act in today’s Wall Street Journal: “A demon for our times.” Rabinowitz highlights the role of the ACLU in demonizing Ashcroft as part of its extremely profitable campaign against the PATRIOT Act.
I would add that the ACLU is the leading actor in three campaigns that seek to undermine pillars of the United States: 1) the campaign against the Boy Scouts in the name first of tolerance and now religious freedom; 2) the campaign against domestic law enforcement in the name of an attack on “racial profiling” (a fictitious phenomenon); 3) the campaign against defense of the United States in the name of opposition to the PATRIOT Act.
The ACLU supports each of these campaigns with a massive public relations and litigation apparatus. Instrumental to each of these campaigns is the conjuring of imaginary witches. Suffice it to say for the moment that John Ashcroft is the Salem witch of the PATRIOT Act campaign.


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