Advantage: Arnold, Part 2

The Washington Times story on the post-debate state of play in the California free-for-all includes poll results on Wednesday night’s five-way debate: “McClintock pressed to quit race.” The poll results regarding the outcome of the debate track Rocket Man’s assessment immediately after the debate.
Here is the article’s summary of the poll results: “A poll conducted by SurveyUSA released yesterday showed that 32 percent of registered voters in California thought Mr. Schwarzenegger was the winner of Wednesday’s debate. Mr. McClintock was the choice of 22 percent of voters, tying him with those who thought no one was the victor. Only 13 percent thought Mr. Bustamante was the winner and 37 percent said they had a less favorable opinion of the lieutenant governor after the debate, second only to the 56 percent negative reaction to the combative columnist Arianna Huffington. Though 46 percent of respondents had a more favorable impression of Mr. McClintock after the debate, 44 percent said the same thing about Mr. Schwarzenegger.”


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