Democrats Commiserate About California

A visit to the Democratic National Committee’s web site is not for the faint of heart, but it does give valuable insight into what the Democrats are up to. Especially interesting is the DNC’s new blog, elegantly titled “Kicking Ass”. Just another sign that the Democrats are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. (Take what? Beats me. Losing, I guess.)
Anyway, the DNC blog enables comments, so we hear from what are presumably rank and file members of the party. One commenter, Mike D., poses a question that has often lurked in the back of my mind when I hear Democrats talk about how dumb Republicans are:
“How can you not look at this election of a political neophyte with no formal policies, who is an admitted sexual harrasser, who espoused his admiration of certain triats of Adolf Hitler, who invited admitted Nazi Kurt Waldheim to his wedding (and attempted to assist Waldheim in entering the country after former Nazi was denied a visa), who refused to sit for an interview with anyone more probing than Larry King, and who refused to debate without knowing the questions in advance, and not be cynical?
“Heaven help this Party if we cannot even beat such a candidate as that.
“How pathetic are we, damn it all?”
Pretty pathetic, I’d say.


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