Embracing the enemy within

Debbie Schlussel in the New York Post recounts the latest developments regarding the FBI’s scandalous attempt to give an award to Detroit terror suspect, Imad Hamad. Last month, after Schlussel blew the whistle, the bureau rescinded the award before it could be presented. Hamad, it happens, was the subject of over a dozen investigations involving terrorism and related matters, according to Schlussel. But instead of embarrassment over bestowing an award upon such an individual, the Detroit FBI chief and the local U.S. attorney seem more concerned about the effect of rescinding the award on its “outreach” efforts to the city’s Arab community. Thus, they held an “emergency meeting” with Hamad and a group called BRIDGES, whose membership roster (again according to Schlussel) includes attorneys with links to terror suspects and to organizations that have provided assistance ot Al Qaeda cell members. The outreach efforts culminated in the public embrace of Hamad by the local FBI chief.
Schlussel finds it “sad that top federal agents and prosecutors would sacrifice national security for political correctness.” But, she concludes, “that’s just another indication that the war on terrorism is like a 1980s Adam Ant song: ‘Desperate But Not Serious.'”


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