Islam’s true roadmap

Before we close the books on Malaysian autocrat Mahathir’s anti-semitic speech to the Islamic Summit Conference, consider this piece by Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post. Glick argues that Mahathir’s comments represent mainstream Islamic thinking, and given the standing ovation he received, it’s difficult to disagree with this assessment. Indeed, Egypt’s foreign minister has called Mahathir’s statements a “very important roadmap” that he hopes Islamic countries will follow.
Where does this roadmap lead? According to Glick, Mahathir’s 4,200 word homily calls upon the Islamic world to modernize as a means to a pan-Islamic end. That end consists of the defeat of the West, starting with the destruction of Israel. A key part of this strategy is for Muslims to use those Westerners who support them to advance their goals. They are not in short supply. This means working with Jews who are unhappy with Israel. They are not in short supply either.
Glick concludes as follows: “We may not have ever believed we would need to take a delusional bigot like Mahathir seriously. But he seems to be an able spokesman for hundreds of millions of like-minded people. We must respect these Islamic bigots enough to take their threats at face value. We must look at their intentions and soberly assess their actions and their capabilities. When Mahathir defined us as the enemy, he did us a favor. He told us where he and the Islamic world stand, and where they intend to go. Forewarned, as they say, is forearmed.”


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