Radical lies

In his New York Post column today Eric Fettman draws attention to a new book that unmasks the lies behind the successful campaign to release Kathy Boudin from prison for her role in the Brinks robbery that resulted in the murder of three law enforcement officers: “Kathy Boudin’s lies.” Warning: Don’t read this one if you have high blood pressure.
On a related note, Fettman also has a review of the new book by John Haynes and Harvey Klehr on how historians have dealt with Communist espionage. The book is In Denial: Historians, Communism and Espionage and the review is “Historians deny the past.”
SUPPLEMENTARY READING: The Rocket Prof has forwarded us a link to Alan Wolfe’s long New Republic review of the book on the Boudin family, via Powell’s Review-A-Day. As the Rocket Prof rightly states, “It’s a good — and chilling — companion to the NY Post piece.”


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