While we’re on the subject of Democratic contenders. . .

here’s some excellent commentary from Tom Bevan at Real Clear Politics on John Kerry and Dick Gephardt. Bevan wonders where Kerry would be today if he had voted against the war. Unlike expert analyst Charlie Cook, Bevan thinks Kerry would still be struggling, although he would surely be in better shape than he is having voted as he did.
Bevan regards Gephardt as the only candidate other than the moribund Joe Lieberman who “gets it.” As proof he cites this Gephardt interview with Fox News, in which the Missouri man defends not only the decision to stay the course in Iraq, but the decision to intervene there in the first place –“I still believe it was the right thing to do because I’m worried about weapons of mass destruction in the United States. And I didn’t just listen to George Bush. I went to the CIA myself, listened to all of their information. I talked to former Clinton officials, and they all felt there was a real danger, that either he had weapons or the components of weapons.” Well said.


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