The hazardous European street

Mark Steyn is concerned about President Bush’s visit to England. Steyn agrees with David Frum that the visit could be like Venezuela in 1958, when a mob attacked Vice President Nixon’s car. Although Nixon’s coolness under fire played well with the folks back home, Steyn reminds us that “Caracas is one thing, London’s quite another. When the crazies jumping up and down in the street yelling ‘Death to the Great Satan’ are the citizenry of our closest ally, you can bet there will be at least a few Democratic presidential candidates ready to make hay and demanding to know ‘Who lost Britain?'”
The irony here is not lost on Steyn. He observes, “After two years of warnings from clapped-out Arabists that the incendiary ‘Arab street’ was about to explode in anti-American rage across the Middle East, it remains as unrousable as ever. Instead, it is the explosive European street that remains implacably pro-Saddam, pro-Yasser, pro-jihad, pro-Taliban misogynist homophobes, pro-anyone as long as they are anti-American.”


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