National Public Radicalism

On the eve of George Bush’s visit to Britain, a poll by the Guardian showed that a plurality of Britons think the visit is a good thing. A pluraity also now supports the decision to go to war, and a clear majority believes that coalition forces should remain in Iraq. Finally, an overwhelming majority believes that the U.S. is a force for good, rather than evil, in the world.
Against this background, National Public Radio’s “Marketplace” show did a feature on British attitudes toward President Bush’s visit. To get at this issue, Marketplace ran interviews with two British politicians — George Galloway and Ken Livingstone. Galloway is so irresponsibly pro-Saddam that he was expelled from the Labour Party. Indeed, he was on Saddam’s payroll. Marketplace didn’t mention this — it simply identified Galloway as a Member of Parliament. Livingstone, the mayor of London and known as “Red Ken,” has called President Bush the greatest danger to the planet, a view that, as noted above, is overwhelmingly at odds with what his countrymen believe. Marketplace didn’t mention Livingstone’s bias either.
Now that the Burger Baroness has given millions to NPR, maybe it is time for our government to reconsider whether it should subsidizie this hopelessly biased left-wing organ.


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