Dhimmitude in France, Part II

Andrew Sullivan provides two disturbing glimpses into the growing beast of world-wide anti-semitism. First, Sullivan received this e-mail:
“About two years ago my nephew traveled to Syria with a group from the German university where he studies. Since he looks German, speaks German, and was with a German organization, he ‘passed’ for German on the trip. He also speaks good Arabic, and talked to many Syrians. He was shocked by the number Syrians from all walks of life, who told him quite openly that the Germany and Hitler had the right idea when it came to the Jews. It was about the first thing out of their mouth when they discovered that he was visiting from Germany.”
Second, Sullivan links to this Haaretz story which reports that The Chief Rabbi of France, Rabbi Joseph Sitruk, called on that country’s Jewish community to wear baseball caps instead of skullcaps while not in their homes, in order “to prevent being attacked in the street.”
My wife is French (soon to become American as well) and works at the French Embassy here in Washington, D.C. The new French Ambassador to the U.S., the suave Jean-David Levitte, is either a Jew or of Jewish origin. I keep telling my wife that, when I meet Levitte I’m going to remind him that he can always seek asylum in the U.S.


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