A hostile group of foreign nations

FrontPage has posted Rocket Man’s excellent item on the folly of committing the preservation of the American national interest to the United Nations: “A hostile group of foreign nations.”
I look forward to the day when some wise person undertakes an explanation of the theoretical misconceptions on which the United Nations is premised. One of these misconceptions would surely be the extenstion of the democratic principle of “one man/one vote” to countries, so that each country is accorded one vote.
In the case of the many tyrannies seated in the General Assembly and other bodies of the United Nations, the “one country/one vote” principle in fact literally means “one man [e.g., Col. Khadaffi]/one vote.” Moreover, others have noted that the UN Security Council is an outmoded reflection of the world in the immediate aftermath of World War II when the UN was created.
For the foreseeable future, however, while the United States is at war, Rocket Man’s point is the key: “It would be unprecedented in human history for a nation to cede control over its foreign policy, voluntarily, to a hostile group of foreign nations.” Undermining the moral authority of the UN through analysis of the absurdity of its governing structure would be a useful adjunct to the recognition of this key point.


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