See you in a few days

I’m going to New Jersey with my daugther’s high school debate team this weekend, so I won’t be posting again until Sunday night, at the earliest. We’ve discovered that Power Line is now an excellent debate research engine, provided you’re taking the conservative side.
Today, one of the students I’ll be driving suggested to my daughter that we listen to NPR on the drive up. My daugther gave a horrified look and said that NPR is never heard on her dad’s car radio. Which actually isn’t true. In fact, I sometimes tune into NPR just to see how long it takes before I hear something that causes me to switch. It usually takes less than five minutes. Yesterday, it was the fantasy peace agreement as the lead news story. The day before it was a piece on how kids cope with school-yard bullies. Since this game often engenders foul language on my part, I don’t think we’ll tune into NPR tomorrow.


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