Iraq’s WMDs: The Source Speaks

Don’t miss this account in the Daily Telegraph of an interview with Lieutenant-Colonel al-Dabbagh, the Iraqi who was the source for the claim, included in the British government’s dossier on Iraq, that Saddam’s military was prepared to use biological and chemical weapons on 45 minutes’ notice.
“When I asked him whether the information in the document relating to the 45-minute issue was 100 per cent accurate, he responded with characteristic Iraqi enthusiasm: ‘It is 200 per cent accurate!’ he exclaimed. ‘And forget 45 minutes. We could have fired them within half an hour.'”
“The weapons themselves were finally deployed at his own unit towards the end of last year. ‘They arrived in boxes marked ‘Made in Iraq’ and looked like something you fired with a rocket-propelled grenade,’ Lt Col al-Dabbagh explained. ‘They were either chemical or biological weapons; I don’t know which, because only the Fedayeen and the Special Republican Guard were allowed to use them. All I know is that we were told that when we used these weapons we had to wear gas masks.’
“Saddam’s officials also gave elaborate instructions on how to use the weapons. Because of their limited range, those responsible for firing them were to dress in civilian clothes and drive in civilian vehicles with yellow number plates.
“Convinced that the weapons are still hidden in Iraq, Lt Col al-Dabbagh doesn’t believe any of them will be found until Saddam is caught or killed. ‘All the people who worked on these weapons have either escaped or disappeared. Only when Saddam is captured will these people talk openly about these weapons. Then they will reveal where they are.'”
Via Insta Pundit.


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