The friends of Grover Norquist

FrontPage has picked up Rocket Man’s Power Line piece on the inspiration for the murders committed by John Muhammad and Lee Malvo: “The D.C. snipers: Islamofascists after all.” Like so much of the information that is critical to understanding the war we’re in, the key role played by the religion of peace in the Malvo/Muhammad murders remains essentially unreported by the bigfoot media.
The same observation applies to the Sunday Telegraph story by Con Coughlin regarding the Iraqi general verifying the existence of Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons, and to the substantial information verifying the links between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda.
FrontPage provides yet another example this morning. The lead piece is Frank Gaffney’s devastating essay on the friends of conservative activist Grover Norquist. In this piece Gaffney meticulously collects all the evidence linking Norquist’s Arab lobbying clients to America’s Islamic fifth column: “A troubling influence.” Gaffney’s piece is a bombshell, and the underlying story is another one that has been left on the cutting room floor by the bigfoot media.
The troubling pieces of the puzzle that make up the story of the friends of Grover Norquist have been lying in plain sight now for well over a year. Gaffney has doggedly kept the story alive.
Moreover, Gaffney has never once to my knowledge raised the intersting question of how it is that an important pro-American, conservative activist like Norquist could have become an apologist and front-man for America’s enemies. By avoiding the question, a question that is certainly of secondary importance, Gaffney has kept the issues impersonal.
The question of motivation is nevertheless of interest. I may have an impoverished imagination, but the only explanation that seems to fit is the mundane power of money to corrupt one’s beliefs.


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