Going Bilderberger

In his Standard Online column Hugh Hewitt describes the widening gyre of Bush derangement syndrome among the candidates competing for the Democratic presidential nomination: “Crank yankers.” (The guys at RealClearPolitics helpfully flesh out Hugh’s allusion in the heading of the piece to black helicopters.)
After noting Howard Dean’s discussion of the “interesting theory” that President Bush had foreknowledge of 9/11, Hugh observes: “Both Senators Kerry and Edwards indulged in a little fever when, in Florida this past weekend, they hinted to Democratic faithful that voting machines might be fixed because they were being manufactured by a company whose CEO had contributed to Bush. And Kerry managed to use the ‘H’ word–Halliburton–in the debate Tuesday night. He’s an f-bomb away from going Bilderberger on us.
“When are the two grownups, Gephardt and Lieberman, going to speak sanity to madness? Or has the crazy caucus grown so large that none dare say ‘Howard, that’s nuts?'” I wonder if Hugh is tacitly assigning Weasel Clark to the crazy caucus. He was going Bilderberger on us even before he became an announced candidate for the Democratic nomination.
George Will also has “A few questions for the Democratic candidates.” All his questions are good ones, and most of them are substantive. He concludes with one that is purely political, but entertaining: “In the last nine presidential elections (1968-2000), the 11 states of the Confederacy, plus Kentucky and Oklahoma, have awarded 1,385 electoral votes. Democratic candidates have won just 270 (20 percent) of them. Which Deanisms — the war is bad, same-sex civil unions are good, Americans are undertaxed — will be most helpful to Democrats down there?”
Will claims that he is “Just wondering.”


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