Indulging the inner-Al, for fun and profit

Jack Kelly, in the Washington Times, ties together the two major stories of the week — Gore’s endorsement of Dean and the Supreme Court’s approval of McCain-Feingold. According to Kelly, Gore has “no doubt noticed that real power in the Democratic Party has shifted to left-liberal special interest groups like MoveOn.Org, which can accept the big buck donations from fat cats like George Soros that the McCain-Feingold law forbids the Democratic Party from taking. With organizations like these behind him, Mr. Gore could counter the prodigious fund-raising abilities of the Clintons.”
Kelly couples this observation with a more general insight — “real power in the Democratic Party today lies not with the party’s regulars, but with left-wing special interest groups whose deep pockets compensate for the harm Democrats did to themselves when they embraced the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill.” This seems like bad news for the Democrats because it restricts the ability of the party’s standard bearers to run from somewhere within shouting distance of the center.
In the end, though, Kelly agrees with my view that Gore’s embrace of Dean probably has as much to do with “principle” as anything else — the operative principles being hatred of Bush and long-repressed leftism.


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