CBS Poll Shows Dean Pulling Away

This CBS poll shows Howard Dean as the choice of 23% of Democratic primary voters; Lieberman and Clark each have 10%. CBS says that Dean is pulling away, but what seems striking to me is not so much Dean’s performance as the fact that no other candidate has been able to attract much support.
There are other interesting data here as well. Hugh Hewitt considers Dean’s claim that capturing Saddam Hussein has not made us safer to be self-evidently stupid. But 78% of all voters say that the terror threat is either the same or increased following his capture.
While 42% of voters say they would consider voting for Dean in November, 40% say they would not consider voting for him.
Fifty-four percent of voters have a positive view of the Republican Party, 52% of the Democrats. But not many people have a positive opinion of Al Gore; he is approved by 31% and disapproved by 46%.
By a 50% to 22% margin, voters trust Republicans over Democrats to make the right decisions on fighting terrorism.


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