My favorite Democrat, part 11

I don’t think we’ve ever written anything more caustic than Senator Zell Miller’s assessment of the field of Democratic presidential candidates and critical supporting players: “Memo to Terry McAwful.”
On Al Sharpton: “[T]he rotund reverend has long been the ‘Godfather of Con.’ He’s slick as a peeled onion. In just one short primary season, his timid fellow candidates and the even more timid media have erased the criminal Tawana Brawley shakedown.”
On John Kerry: “The electric blue spandex surfing bodysuit didn’t work. The jeans and Harley Davidson didn’t work. Chet Atkins turned in his grave at the senator’s guitar picking. And now comes the F-word in Rolling Stone.”
On Howard Dean: “[T]here hasn’t been a leader since Julius Caesar who’s had more conspirators pretending to be his friend–but really wanting him dead–than suddenly Howard Dean has today. They want his Internet contributor list. They want his energy and spontaneity. They want his secret for tapping the young antiwar crowd. So they’ll endorse him, pat him on the back with a few ‘atta boys,’ and secretly hope he loses.”
On Al Gore: “Is he going to advise Mr. Dean to roll down his shirtsleeves and put on a coat, preferably in earth tones? Will he teach him to speak in that stilted highfalutin way? Maybe he’ll teach him how to win a Southern state. Like Tennessee.”


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