Social Security for Mexico

My reaction to President Bush’s plan to legitimize the employment of Mexican aliens is mixed. In concept, it appears to resemble the “guest worker” programs that most European countries have. Our tradition of immigration leading to citizenship is, of course, different from theirs. But the current situation, as it relates to Mexico, is outside that tradition, and intolerable. It isn’t obvious to me that a “guest worker” approach is a bad idea. It likely depends on the details, which I haven’t yet mastered.
Michelle Malkin, not surprisingly, doesn’t like the administration’s plan. Today she focuses on the Social Security aspect of the proposal:
“[T]he Bush administration appears set this week to turn the ailing government pension program into an international relief fund for illegal alien workers who used counterfeit Social Security cards and stolen numbers to secure illegal jobs.
“[T]he Bush proposal…would allow untold millions of illegal aliens from Mexico to collect full U.S. cash benefits for themselves and their families from their home country


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