Clueless In Command

Scrappleface diagnoses President Bush, based on Paul O’Neill’s bombshell revelations:
“Clueless in Command: Bush May Be Autistic Savant
“(2004-01-11) — White House pychologists announced today that President George Bush may be an autistic savant, a condition which combines developmental disability with extraordinary mental abilities often involving memory skills.
“The revelation comes after a week in which Mr. Bush’s former treasury secretary said that at cabinet meetings the president resembled a blind man in room full of deaf people, and a New York Times report today that Mr. Bush actually serves as the mastermind behind his phenomenally well-run re-election campaign.
“‘He shows the classic social aloofness and developmental delays of autism with his staff,’ said an unnamed White House psychologist. ‘However, he has memorized the names of thousands of obscure campaign workers nationwide, as well as exact state-by-state polling results and fundraising figures.'”
“The announcement confirms what Democrat critics have said of Mr. Bush for several years — that he lacks the mental acumen to serve as the nation’s chief executive, yet is so politically shrewd that his every move and word serve his carefully-crafted political ambitions.”
That damn Bush–he’s dumber than anyone, except us Democrats.


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