A Society Beyond Hope?

Reem Saleh al-Riyashi, the twenty-two year old Palestinian murderer, was buried yesterday in Gaza. Terrorists from Hamas, of which she was a member, and the al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade participated in a funeral march, shown below:
Meanwhile, the “spiritual leader” of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, bragged to reporters about his group’s latest mass murder tactic:
“The current complicated Israeli security measures at checkpoints and roadblocks make it difficult for men to reach soldiers and settlers. Hamas saw that a woman could reach them and carry out a successful attack,” Yassin said.
Al-Riyashi’s husband was sorry to see her blown up, but proud of her exploit:
“Reyashi’s 24-year-old husband, Zeyad Awad, said he had mixed feelings of happiness and sorrow, adding, ‘I’m happy because she is a shahida (a martyr) and I’m sad because I’ve lost my wife and my two children are motherless.'”
Really, is there any rational basis to hope that such people can ever build any kind of a decent society?


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