The Post vs. the President

Not only is Rocket Man featured in today’s FrontPage together with Andrew Sullivan and Daniel Pipes, but his piece is the best of the (very good) lot. In his Power Line piece yesterday morning on Glenn Kessler’s page-one Washington Post article, he demonstrated with Euclidean precision how the bigfoot media are an obstacle to understanding crucial issues related to the war, and he did so while shedding light rather than heat — all within a few hours of the Post’s publication of Kessler’s article.
One grateful Power Line reader immediately forwarded Rocket Man’s piece to the Post’s ombudsman together with a justifiably indignant message. I’m beginning to think it might be more productive to collect his pieces for forwarding to the Pulitzer Prize committee. In any event, FrontPage picked up Rocket Man’s Power Line piece on Kessler for inclusion in its lineup this morning. Here it is, once more once — now pay attention this time! “The Post vs. the President.”


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