It’s Too Darn Cold

Ice storms, school closings, people can’t get to work–hey, that’s Deacon in Washington, D.C. Here in Minnesota, it’s really cold. Driving to work this morning, it was 24 degrees below zero. Last night, the Trunk and I, with our wives and my seventeen year old son, Eric, went to see Hugh Hewitt at a Patriot radio station event at the St. Paul Hotel. Once I got the car parked–no easy task, with the Winter Carnival going on, plus a Wild game and other events–it was a terrific function. Hugh was in fine form; he presented his characteristically optimistic take on events, and introduced the bloggers in the audience. The food was even good. We met some Power Line readers who are friends of the Trunk’s. The Taxpayers League folks, friends of ours and also Power Line readers, were out in force, and I finally met some of the Fraters Libertas guys. (My principal impression: the Elder is too young to be an Elder.) Walking to our car was a little brisk, especially for Eric, who didn’t wear a coat since it was only fifteen below.
The temperature hasn’t been above zero for some days, and today they actually closed down the Ice Palace for a while because it was dangerously cold:
Hugh was broadcasting from the Excel Center tonight; the Ice Palace was back in business (the temperature was up to thirteen below), and Hugh marveled at the thousands of people waiting to get in. Tomorrow a warm front is predicted to move in, and the temperature should rise above zero.
But, you know, no matter how much we Minnesotans profess to love winter, it’s hard not to start thinking ahead to summer.


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