First Power Line, Now the Times

The Big Trunk, America’s leading pop culture critic (well, Michael Medved is probably in there somewhere), was way ahead of the curve on Natalie Wood; I actually added a postscript too.
Now the New York Times is racing to catch up:

Wood is finally getting new recognition in [Gavin Lambert’s] biography and a new dramatized television film directed by Peter Bogdanovich…The book explores her performances in memorable films like “Rebel Without a Cause,” “Splendor in the Grass,” “Love With the Proper Stranger” and”Inside Daisy Clover,” which Mr. Lambert adapted from his 1963 novel about a streetwise teenager who becomes a movie star.
The television film, “The Mystery of Natalie Wood,” explores her sometimes troubled life and career. It will be shown on ABC on March 1. Mr. Bogdanovich said the timing of the biography and the film made a “strange coincidence,” especially since Wood’s reputation seems to rest heavily, at least among younger filmgoers, on the cloudy circumstances of her death.

But neither the Times’ piece nor the accompanying photograph…
04NATA.1.184.jpg is quite up to the Trunk’s standard.
BIG TRUNK adds: Sincere thanks for the kind words. Reading about Natalie Wood sure beats reading about same-sex marriage.
DEACON adds: Guys, six words (sort of) — Bob & Carol, Ted & Alice.


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