The Republicans’ Miranda rule

Senate Democrats have gone on a wilding spree raping the reputation of men and women of upright character on the order of their masters in the liberal special interest groups. They have been caught redhanded. By virtue of the leak of Democratic Judiciary Committee staff memos to the Wall Street Journal, this scandalous conspiracy has come to light.
But the Democrats have not confessed to their crimes. They have managed to turn the scandal into one of misconduct by the victim; you know, the dress she was wearing was way too short and the activity was consensual. Indeed, she deserves to do some time herself for inciting their behavior. And the victim appears to have been victimized a second time by a political version of Stockholm Syndrome, or adult onset retardation.
The Republicans’ Miranda rule requires confession to nonexistent crimes to please their tormentors. That, at least, is my reading of this somwhat cryptic story that Matt Drudge has flagged from the Hill: “Leak staffer ousted: Frist aide forced out in effort to assuage Dems.”


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