Cyanide Find Reported, Finally

News of the discovery of seven pounds of cyanide in a house in Baghdad, which we reported on February 4, has finally leaked out in the form of an Associated Press story:

U.S. forces in Iraq found seven pounds of cyanide during a raid late last month on a Baghdad house believed connected to an al-Qaida operative, U.S. officials said.
The cyanide salt was in either one or several small bricks, and U.S. officials said they believe it was to have been used in an attack on U.S. or allied interests. Cyanide is extremely toxic and can be used as a chemical weapon, although it was unclear if the cyanide was in a form that could be used that way easily.
It was unclear if anyone was captured in the raid. Parts for making bombs also were found, the official said. The house was inhabited by a suspected subordinate of Abu Musab Zarqawi, U.S. officials said.

There isn’t really any new information here. What I completely fail to understand is why President Bush doesn’t mention this kind of thing when he defends the Iraq war, as he did yesterday.


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