“He betrayed this country!”

If you haven’t heard the audio of Al Gore testifyin’ to the Tennessee Democrats — we linked to the news accounts of the speech below in “Al Gore channels Charles Lindbergh” — the blog Insults Unpunished has a post headed “Al Gore has lost his mind” with a link to the audio of the speech’s climax, or Gorebasm.
Please take advantage of the opportunity to judge for yourself the depths Gore has plumbed. Gore ends the speech like the son of a preacher man with the assertion: “The truth shall rise again!” Perhaps it’s too charitable to Gore to say that he’s channeling Charles Lindbergh in this speech. It’s certainly unfair to Lindbergh — a genuine patriot who sought nothing more after Pearl Harbor than to use his gifts to serve America at war.
Gore’s concluding statement suggests that it would be fairer to characterize him as channeling Joseph Goebbels rather than Charles Lindbergh. When Gore asserts in his ridiculous pseudo-MLK tubthumping style that “the truth shall rise again,” it’s a dead giveaway that the guy is engaged in his own version of the Big Lie.
UPDATE: Reader Daniel Merriman writes to point out that in his concluding statement Gore is channeling his deceased gasbag father. Perhaps Gore is working out an Oedipal trauma in the climax to the speech. See the CNN obituary of Albert Gore, Sr.


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