Kerry Squeaks Through, But Is He Fading?

Results of the Wisconsin primary are disappointing for John Kerry, as the projected finish is Kerry 39%, Edwards 34%, Dean 18%. Worse, the “late deciders” broke decisively against Kerry, with over 50% going for Edwards, and only 20%-25% for Kerry.
Why did Kerry perform below expectations? I assume because some people are starting to learn about Kerry’s anti-American past. It is important to recall that just a few weeks ago, Kerry was in single digits in most states’ polls–including New Hampshire, where he campaigned for the better part of a year.
Kerry’s rise was the corollary of the collapse of the Dean campaign, and perhaps little more. The Democrats are desperate for a candidate–any candidate–and there is little evidence that Kerry’s support is anywhere near as deep as it is broad. So it looks like the campaign will continue.
For what it’s worth, Mrs. Rocket, who knows less than me about politics but more about people, thinks Edwards would be a far stronger candidate than Kerry. She views Kerry as pompous and boring, and an elderly, repellent, would-be sex god. Let’s hope she’s not alone.
DEACON adds: I think Mrs. Rocket’s analysis is spot-on, although I also think that many of us could learn to dislike Edwards strongly too, if he ever looked like the probable nominee.


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