Bin Laden Trapped?

That’s what London’s Sunday Express says. Its articles aren’t available online, but here is what tomorrow’s Express looks like:
The Telegraph reports:

The paper claims he is in a mountainous area to the north of the Pakistani city of Quetta. The region is said to be peopled with bin Laden supporters and the terrorist leader is estimated to also have 50 of his fanatical bodyguards with him.
The claim is attributed to “a well-placed intelligence source” in Washington, who is quoted as saying: “He (bin Laden) is boxed in.”
The paper says the hostile terrain makes an all-out conventional military assault impossible. The plan to capture him would depend on a “grab-him-and-go” style operation.
“US helicopters already sited on the Afghanistan border will swoop in to extricate him,” the newspaper says. It claims bin Laden and his men “sleep in caves or out in the open. The area is swept by fierce snow storms howling down from the 10,000ft-high mountain peaks. Donkeys are the only transport.”
The special forces are “absolutely confident” there is no escape for bin Laden, and are awaiting the order to go in and get him.

Do I believe it? No. But I remember how shocked I was to wake up one morning and see “We got him!” headlined on every paper on the web, just when it seemed that Saddam would never be caught. It would be great to see a similar headline about bin Laden.


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