The question for today

The John Kerry site GLBT Web page has the following passage on Kerry’s support for gay and lesbian families:

John Kerry believes that same-sex couples should be granted rights, including access to pensions, health insurance, family medical leave, bereavement leave, hospital visitation, survivor benefits, and other basic legal protections that all families and children need. He has supported legislation to provide domestic partners of federal employees the benefits available to spouses of federal employees. He was one of 14 Senators — and the only one up for reelection in 1996 — to oppose the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

What is Senator Kerry’s position on a proposed constitutional amendment consistent with the Defense of Marriage Act?
UPDATE: The ketchup lady herself seems to have answered the question for today: “Kerry’s wife greeted warmly in Bay area on visit to state.” According to the Mercury News report, Mrs. Kerry dismissed President Bush’s backing of an amendment to ban gay marriage as “divisive politics” and stated:

“I think culturally we’re going through a huge change. I look at it in a human context because I have friends in those situations, and it’s terrible. All we owe people is dignity, respect and civil rights. I think the country will evolve.”
She added that her husband would vote against such an amendment if it were introduced in the Senate, and that while he supports same-sex civil unions, Kerry believes defining marriage should be a question left to the states.

Is it possible that on this issue John Kerry will maintain a consistent position?


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