ACLU v. Duluth

Several weeks ago, we took note of a threat by the ACLU to sue the City of Duluth, Minnesota, unless the city removed a monument to the Ten Commandments which stands outside Duluth’s City Hall. An ACLU spokesman explained that the monument is “offensive and intimidating to people who aren’t Christian.”
This morning’s Minneapolis Star Tribune has an update on the controversy, along with this photo of the offending monument:
Note the well-known Christian symbols in the lower corners.
Last week, the ACLU filed suit; on March 15, the Duluth City Council will vote on whether to oppose the lawsuit. City Council President Jim Stauber predicts that the city will resist the ACLU: “Some fights are worth fighting, even though the odds may be against us. This is a fight worth fighting. They want to sterilize the city of Duluth of any reference to religion or God. I am not willing to accept that.”
The issue will ultimately be decided by the courts. Of course, given the recent trend toward municipal officials flouting various laws by authorizing or performing gay marriages, the city may feel emboldened to refuse to follow an adverse court decision, should there be one.


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