This Is What We’re Up Against

An email from a vicious liberal, whom I charitably will not name, who is happy about al Qaeda’s victory:

Aznar went against 90% of his people to back the “War on Terra”, and now the Socialists win 79% of the popular vote…Consider it foreshadowing. Bush’s attempt to drape himself in the flag is a miserable failure, as is your attempt to portray those level-headed enough to question this rash, unilateral course of action as appeasers. A real eminent threat [Ed.: I assume our liberal friend means “imminent”] is our ally in the war on terror, Pakistan selling nuclear secrets to everyone and his uncle. Of course, Republicans don’t perceive actual threats, they only see the easy score. I’m sure that Churchill is rolling in his grave after being likened to George W. Bush.

There you have it. Our multilateral allies who participated in our “unilateral” course of action deserve to be bombed. And it is, I am afraid, foreshadowing, as al Qaeda will surely draw the obvious lesson: bomb America in November, and John Kerry will be elected President. That, I am afraid, is exactly the game plan contemplated by our odious Democratic correspondent. Is it Kerry’s game plan too?
UPDATE: Another odious liberal/pro-terrorism correspondent, too cowardly to leave his name or email address, referred us triumphantly to this article on AlterNet, one of the chief liberal internet sites:

Whether Thursday’s attacks in Spain, in which 190 people were killed and nearly 1500 wounded, were carried out by the Basque separatist ETA or by al-Qaeda, they make one thing very clear: Terrorism cannot be fought by military means.
The 9/11 attacks and previous ones by al-Qaeda, like that on the U.S.S. Cole or those on the U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, were attacks on hard targets, requiring suicide bombers and, in the case of 9/11, a highly sophisticated operation. Furthermore, the targets were ones of obvious political significance; there was hardly a more potent symbol of American economic might and world domination than the World Trade Center. Contrary to popular depictions, at the time al-Qaeda was not simply ravening to kill any American anywhere.

No, Mr. Rahul Mahajan says, it is America’s fault that Islamofascists now want to “kill any American anywhere,” because we had the temerity to fight back after September 11! This is how the Islamofascist crazies think. But we knew that. The real question is, is this how the Democratic Party thinks? Is this how John Kerry thinks?
Today was a black day in the history of civilization. This is the time for the Democrats and John Kerry to take a stand. For civilization, or against civilization. For freedom, or for tyranny. For al Qaeda, or against it. The Democrats who email us have placed themselves squarely against civilization, and for al Qaeda.
So far, John Kerry is AWOL from the fight.
FURTHER UPDATE: Tim Blair has a good summary of reaction in the blogosphere.
AND THIS: This is the platform that the Socialists ran and won on–Aznar’s government aligned itself with the forces of civilization. This picture, the Socialists said, cost 200 lives:
Cowardice has rarely been so richly rewarded.


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