Meanwhile, In the Real World…

The Trunk’s colleague, our friend Gene Allen, forwarded to us an email from his friend Lt. Col. Mark Pullen, a lawyer from San Diego who has now returned following a tour of duty in the Middle East. The photo below is of Lt. Col. Pullen, in his tent. Pullen pointed out the “urinal” between his feet, evidence of the fact that soldiers were warned not to leave their tents.
The photo was taken by Pullen’s friend and tentmate, Lt. Col. Mike Zeisler. Pullen wrote:

The guy who took the photo of me in the tent in Kuwait, the one with my urinal, died last week in a jet crash along with 3 other Marines. LtCol Mike Zeisler was a great American. We were friends prior to deploying to the Gulf, and tentmates at Camp Commando. He was caring, brave, funny, a pleasure to have around.

So the war continues.


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