No sympathy for the devil

John Kerry is displaying his cojones by rejecting the endorsement of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez: “Kerry attacks Venezuela’s Chavez.”
Kerry’s cojones are of the modified limited hangout variety one might expect from an international man of mystery:

In his declaration dated March 19, the Massachusetts senator accused Chavez of undermining Venezuela’s democracy, supporting Colombian rebels and “narco-terrorists” and trying to torpedo a constitutional bid by foes to hold a referendum on his rule. Condemning Chavez’s policies as “detrimental to our interests,” Kerry said the United States should lead international pressure to persuade him to allow a recall vote.

No word yet whether Kerry is contemplating the same dynamic approach to dealing with his other most notable foreign admirer, President Kim Jong Il of North Korea. (Courtesy of Hugh Hewitt.)
DEACON adds: Condemning Chavez’s policies as detimental to our interests is the second good thing Kerry has done in the area of foreign policy. The first was killing that Viet Cong who was shooting at his boat.


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