Lovers and other killers

Say what you will about the killers in Arafatistan, but they have keen insight into the psychological make-up of teen-age boys. The Jerusalem Post story on today’s apprehended 14-year-old suicide bomber reports:

“Blowing myself up is the only chance I’ve got to have sex with 72 virgins in the Garden of Eden,” a 14-and-a-half-year-old Palestinian boy told his Israeli investigators after being caught wearing an 8kg explosives belt.
Husam Muhammad Bilal Abdu from Masahiya neighborhood in Nablus was captured Wednesday afternoon by IDF troops near the Hawara roadblock near Nablus, the same place an 11-year-old boy was caught with a bomb last week.
“They told me that this was the only way, and they promised that my mother would get one hundred shekels if I did this,” Husam told his captors.

The boy’s brother says that Husam is mentally slow — that he has the intelligence of a 12-year-old — although his interests appear to be developmentally appropriate. The photo above shows the boy after the Israeli soldiers ordered him to strip. The boy became shy, asking troops, “Do I have to take my clothes off here?”
The Post also reports that Yasser Arafat’s Fatah Tanzim claimed responsibility for sending the would-be bomber. We’re putting out an APB for reader Dr. Stephen Marmer — our favorite psychiatrist — and asking him, how sick are these people?


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