Deacon’s revenge

Although I’m a passionate fan of University of Maryland basketball, I’ve always liked Wake Forest. The main reason is that they are not Duke, North Carolina, or the Universtiy of Virginia. But, in addition, they tend to have likeable-seeming stars such as Tim Duncan, Mugsy Bogues, and Frank Johnson. A few months ago, though, my like-affair with Wake ended when its legal department told me to desist from using the Demon Deacon logo that graced this blog. Since then, I’ve been looking forward to the moment (I regarded it as almost inevitable) when Wake would be eliminated in the NCAA tournament short of the final four. It came last night in an outstanding contest against St. Josephs. As a bonus, that loss was preceded by a loss to Maryland in the first round of the ACC tournament that probably cost Wake a third seed or better in the “big dance.”
Unfortunately, the Demon Deacons may get their revenge in a year or two. This year’s team was loaded with young talent. If they can keep all of these guys from jumping to the NBA for two more years, I’d bet they make it to the final four. However, it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll get more than one more year from their best player, point guard Chris Paul. But even that might be enough.


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